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Annual Blanket Drive

Every year, in mid-December, we host a blanket and warm clothing drive, to fundraise, but more importantly, to create an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to come together in the spirit of sharing. 

We want to break down the hierarchy between donor and donee through a more human way of engaging with the residents of the DTES – each package we personally hand out is personalized with a message focuses on starting dialogues – to begin bridging stigmatized social gaps and invoke a sense of responsibility to our community and each other.


  • BREAKFAST + TRAINING: Volunteers who are helping us distribute the donations with a small breakfast while we go over how the whole handout will work, and do a short training presentation.
  • DISTRIBUTION: Volunteers will then be separated into groups and will be given a route to walk down. A van filled with donations will follow the group, and find spots along the way to allow the individuals to replenish their stores.
  • LUNCH + DEBRIEF: All volunteers will be provided with a snack and allowed to debrief their experiences
  • COMMUNITY PRESENTATIONS: We want to raise awareness about the various issues surrounding those living in poverty, and in order to do this we will be inviting organizations or those expert in their fields to talk about what they do, what the issue is and ways you can help. Through this, we will be giving volunteers the opportunity to walk around, talk to the representatives, and even sign up for various volunteer opportunities or for more information.


    We have been receiving tons of support and interest in our Annual Blanket Distribution event on the December. 17th, 2017. However, we have reached our max capacity for volunteers who will be handing out the packages.

    However, we are still currently looking for individuals interested in volunteering on the day of as a driver, during the date of the distribution. Requirements: must have you class 5 and a larger car (truck, SUV, hatchback). By being a drive you are still able to take part in the event and be a vital component of how we run the drive.

    Please email if this interests you.

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