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Who are we?

IGNITE THE WARMTH SOCIETY is a youth-led registered charity dedicated to providing opportunities and educational programs to students and community members in the Lower Mainland. Our goal is to use first-hand experiences, such as volunteer opportunities or class collaborations, to combat the stigma and prejudice surrounding those homeless or living in poverty. We hope to promote further awareness about the issues this marginalized demographic are constantly facing, such as the issues of the ongoing housing crisis in the Lower Mainland and how that influences the proportion of welfare money going towards shelter, or the fentanyl crisis.


Our Mission



Through class collaborations, interacting with the leaders and residents of the Downtown Eastside, and our own events and projects, we hope to inspire first-hand learning on pertinent issues of poverty that exist in our own community.


We aim to be a platform for those who don’t have access to one – a mouthpiece for the often unheard – and to continue advocating for those whose voices are often neglected or unheard.


We provide opportunities to students and community members in the lower mainland to volunteer with non-profits and organizations that work with vulnerable populations

Upcoming Events

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about these opportunities, please email us at volunteer.ignitethewarmth@gmail.com

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December 15th & 16th, 2019

Every year, in mid-December, we host a blanket and warm clothing drive, to raise funds, but more importantly, to create an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to come together in the spirit of learning and sharing. We want to break down the hierarchy between donor and done through a more human way of engaging with the residents of the Down Town East Side – each package we personally hand out is personalized with a message focused on starting dialogues – to begin bridging stigmatized social gaps and invoke a sense of responsibility to our community and each other…

Facilitate a Blanket Drive

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