Our goal is to also provide more information for individuals about the various organizations and programs provided in the DTE. Here is a list of them including a small description of what they do:


Lookout Society

is a social safety net that provides help for adults with low to no income, with minimal barriers. They believe that appropriate housing, complimented with a range of support services, is the first step towards achieving responsible independence for individuals.

Covenant House

provides housing and a variety of programs, specifically for street youth. Their one goal is this: that there be no youth on the street.

First United

supports people with a framework of “four pillars”: education, hospitality (free meals, clothing, harm reduction), housing, and spiritual services or support groups. Their philosophy is to accept people at where they are at and to assist them in changing their lives.


is the province’s largest not-for-profit food exchange program. They offer affordable and healthy choices to people who have a harder time acquiring food.

New Way

values inclusive, affordable residences that can build a tightly knit and supportive community in the downtown eastside. They will always strive to provide a place where people who are struggling can share their stories.


runs programs that are operated by women and exclusively for female survival sex workers. Their services come in a very complete package and account for all the needs of the individuals that they help.


is a Christian organization that offers to transform and rebuild the lives of the broken while giving them the dignity that they need. They do this through a variety of services such as meals, detoxification programs, emergency shelters, and education.


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