We ARE currently fundraising.

Interested in helping out?
Although we are not currently a governmentally registered non-profit organization, all of the money that we receive goes directly towards the cause. Monetary donations help subsidize the costs of the production of the blanket drive packages (including supplies requested from the various partnering groups), gas compensation for volunteers driving all the donations on the day of, and all remaining money will be used to buy whole sale blankets and coats cheaply from community thrift stores or food to hand out on the day of.

For donations under 100$:

We will be setting up a way to donate online towards the cause (through a secure medium such as PayPal). For the meantime, thank you for your consideration!

For donations over 100$:

We are uneasy using online mediums for large sums of money, although many individuals utilize them there is simply the possibility for something to go wrong. We would prefer to personally meet to collect the donations

Please email us at: so we can sort something out together!

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