Our Mission

It could happen to anyone.

No one plans to be here.

Has it occurred to you how much society has dehumanized the homeless; we walk past pan-handlers blindly, unaware that we’ve adopted the ‘If I ignore it, the problem isn’t there’ mentality. This sort of ignorance has become our blissful solution. There are many factors as to why there is such a social gap between the well off, and the impoverished:

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It’s the fear of stepping outside of what’s comfortable and taking initiative.


 It’s the lack of education.

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It’s being afraid of what we don’t and can’t relate to.

Our aims for this project is to merely provide the truth, in hopes that the perspectives of many will change through the creation of human relationships.

How would we do this?

Through the utilization of raw human emotions, untouched videos and pictures, as well as unedited information…we hope to bring to you an unbiased reality, one in which we hope will provoke the curiosity in learning more. With our pictures and videos, we hope to spread the notion, especially to youth, that even the smallest contributions make the largest of differences.

Mainly, our goal is to educate through first hand experience, rather than a set of facts and statistics. We want to eliminate the stigma, the abstract notion that poverty is a global issue, that our help is insignificant, when in fact poverty happens right in our neighbourhood, and that any support of any size is vital towards the eradication of poverty.

“…one truly doesn’t realize how the smallest of actions can make a big difference. Whether it be through the simple gestures of saying hi to someone on the street, or giving a dollar to a beggar you see on the street. Those small words you exchange, or loose change you decided to give away, may warm the heart of that individual, and show them that at least one person cares. You never know how your actions can influence another’s lives, it’s truly amazing…”

Precilia KongCo-founder

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