Our Team

Davis (left), Stephanie, Precilia, Joanne, Tianxing (right)


Precilia Kong


Precilia Kong is currently going into her third year at UBC majoring in Integrated Sciences, combining the disciplines of neuroscience and foundations of human health. “Ignite the Warmth” began as a passion, a small desire. A desire for knowledge. A passion for helping. Through “Ignite the Warmth”, Precilia hopes to convey one thing to the public: the raw unedited truth. Whether the truth be of hidden beauty or gruesome pain, she realizes it is time to end our ignorance, our bias, our discrimination, our stigma. She hopes to provide those either denied a voice, or afraid to speak out, an outlet to express their stories. Ignite the Warmth speaks from one heart to another. 


Joanne Li


Joanne is a wanderlustic UBC student going through a quarter-life crisis. She’s uncertain of what the future holds, but certain that the people in her life will continue to shape her. People, whether friends or strangers, are bound by the need to connect with one another, yet so many of us are accustomed to ignoring those we choose not to see. Are we not all human? Guilty of the fact, and unsure as to why it is, she seeks not to “fix” the residents of the Downtown Eastside, but to break down the wall dividing “us” and “them”, in hopes that their stories will fix the stigma of homelessness.


Davis Wu


Davis Wu is a undergraduate student at the University of Toronto for computer engineering. Serving, previously, as an avid Student Council member, Davis is honoured to bring his passion and dedication to Ignite the Warmth. He believes that each individual comes from a different backstory and should be given an equal opportunity to succeed in life. During his time at Ignite the Warmth, Davis hopes to improve the lives of those who have been cast into circumstances of destitute and to remind them that they are not forgotten.


Tian Xing Li


As a keen undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, he’s a good learner and listener. For him, it is wonderful to be hearing of others’ life stories, to put out to the world genuine tales that touch hearts and break ungrounded misconceptions. There is so much that is unheard of in the Downtown Eastside, stories that are waiting to be discovered and shared.


Stephanie Lee

Is currently going into her 3rd year majoring in biology at the University of British Columbia. She hopes in conjunction with the rest of the exec team, she will be able to help those in need and make a positive impact towards her community.



Pratik Bassi


Pratik Bassi is a student currently at the University of Toronto. As a photographer, rescue diver, and avid martial artist, he has learned to appreciate life in every form. As a photographer, he felt pulled to the group that was trying to show nothing but the undiluted life in Vancouver. Anything else would be almost a lie.

Matthew Mah


Matthew Mah is a third year undergraduate student majoring in combined sciences at the University of British Columbia.

Daniel Merlo


Daniel Merlo is currently a second year undergraduate student in the faculty of applied sciences, specializing in electrical engineering at the University of British Columbia.

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