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Welcome to Project Ignite the Warmth.
We are a student-led initiative dedicated to providing youth and adults with opportunities to create vital personal connections with individuals living in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTE). Through these connections, we hope to continue the discussion encompassing poverty in our community and help alleviate some of the stigma revolving around such individuals.
Our motto: “It is time we heard THEIR stories“, provokes the idea that stigma and prejudice proliferates from ignorance and denial. It is a human instinct to fear the unknown, and our lack of ability to emphasize with such situations -most of the time- encourages stereotyping and generalizations. However, it is unfair for us to deny this demographic a voice, labeling them as “drug-addicts”, “self-inflicting” or “insane/mentally ill”. If we take the time to get to know their story, we can make a more informed decision in regards to attribution.
The below video is a sample of how we utilize common media outlets in order to educate and inform the general public about these issues: